Developing CTC loss for Tensorflow.JS

Learn about the problem itself

Existing solutions

Tensorflow architecture

Develop a naive implementation

  • Have everything calculated in tensors
  • Keep everything you can in the GPU’s memory (in our case WebGL)


  • matching inputs and labels should return a zero loss and zero gradiens
  • random noise inputs should produce “something” other than error
  • should handle single elements and batched elements
  • should run correctly with different length labels
  • running with 10 epochs we should see a decreasing loss
CTC calculation for “CAT”

Refactor cycle

const result = tensorA.mul(tensorB);
  • tfjs only — just like you would do it in pure javascript, but somebody has programmed it for you. Sweet. Since modern JS engines are lightning fast, you’ll get surprised how fast this implementation can run
  • tfjs-wasm — the core is implemented in WebAssembly, so there’s a significant improvement on performance. Not all functions are supported though. It is by far the fastest one if you don’t use any CUDA-based
  • tfjs-node — kernel functions run natively on the processor, so you have the full power of your CPU, including the special instruction-sets you might have. However, usually you have to recompile Tensorflow from scratch to make use of it.
  • tfjs-webgl — kernel functions take advantage of the parallel processing capabilities of your GPU
Processing time of batch item





I design and build complex, heavily integrated IT ecosystems for the banking sector

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Péter Harang

Péter Harang

I design and build complex, heavily integrated IT ecosystems for the banking sector

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